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Social Media

Social Media Setup for Business

Whether you believe in Social Media or not, you can’t escape it.

Even more, by the time you igure out how to properly use social media, one of your competitors may have already established a connection with the social audience you want to capture.

In addition, Social media websites are designed to share information. If you have an unhappy client, you need to assume they will post their negative experience online for the world to see. If it’s really bad, that information is likely to be shared with many people. On the lip side, a wonderful experience is also likely to be shared and that information is availble to social networks and search engines..

Engagement Summary

At The GuiderGroup and DelhiNet, we understand that it can be diicult to meet the technical and time demands of social media interaction. Our services help businesses connect to the customers and communities that matter the most for the growth of their business by harnessing the power of social media.

Our goal when setting up your Social Media is to consider 3 main points: Who your audience is, what social sites will connect you to your audience, and getting the right content in front of them. Once this is done, we set things up in and work with you to create an editorial calendar that you will use to plan who is going to provide content, and where its going to come from.


At the conclusion of the social media project you will possess all the tools and know-how you need to take on and tackle social media for your business including:

• Branded/Custom Blog
• 12 Month Editorial Calendar
• Completed Social Presence
• Content Monitoring System
• Social Media Update Automation
• Setup of your business on Review Sites

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