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Does your website properly relect who you are and what you do?

The GuiderGroup and DelhiNet align with industry standard methodologies to ensure quality and punctual delivery of your web presence. All our sites are optimized for social interaction to have high search engine ranking, positioning your brand higher in the Internet marketplace.

We start our projects with three concrete parties in mind: your audience, your competition, and you. The following is an outline of the general web development process we maintain

Your Audience

Your audience is perhaps the most critical of these three parties. Who is your target audience? What are they expecting from irms like yours? What do they want or need from a company like yours? Thinking like your customer can in the direction your project should take.

Your Goals

Finally, we take a good long look at your short and long term goals. There are many reasons to design or redesign a website and allowing us to take you through this process will make those goals more con-crete and attainable.

Your Competition

Who is your competition? What are their competitive advantages that you don’t have? What are they doing that is better than you? What are some weaknesses of your competition that we could exploit? We’ll want to take this data and advertise your advantages and exploit your competitions’ weaknesses.

All of our websites include:

• Search Engine Friendly Web Site Map
• Content Management System
• Social Media Integration
• Custom Blog Page
• SEO Built In
• Google Analytics Setup

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